Steve Marsh

My name is Steve, I am a Prof at Ontario Tech University. I teach Trust, business, security, design, information systems and more. I speak about trust a lot, and used to travel to places to do it (nowadays I like doing it from home). I wrote a PhD thesis introducing Computational Trust and it sparked a whole lot of related work and pretty much a new field, which is nice.

Home is in Eastern Ontario, Canada. I live on a microfarm where we have some horses, lots of chickens, one duck, a couple of goats and a sheep (and a pet pig), keep bees, try to grow our own food and generally become self-sufficient. I also make my own cider (yes, from my own apples when I can) and beer, play games with my (5) children and enjoy quiet time with my Life Partner and best friend, Patricia.

Oh, and we have dogs and cats (and fish) too… Our house has several comfy chairs and at least three couches and most of them are occupied by an animal, much of the time (not the fish).

We live in a 170 year old farmhouse (in Canada, 170 years old is pretty old) surrounded by trees and enclosed in a few thousand books. most of which I have read, some more than once. Books are one of my things. The other is motorcycling (I ride a Zero DSR). The only vehicle we have that burns hydrocarbons is our wee tractor. I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 30 years because, as Billy Snow says in Stephen Hunt’s “The Kingdom Beyond the Waves”, ‘It never sat well with me, that the price of my existence should be the end of something else’s.’

I still miss bacon butties.

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