First Things

The usual thing to say is welcome, I guess, so, welcome.

I’m going to use this to post musings about whatever tends to bubble up. Some will be about trust and trustworthiness, some about computational trust (I created that one), sometimes just stuff that is happening. Probably not many people will read it, which is just fine.

Who am I? My name is Steve and I am from England. I live in Ontario, Canada, close to the border with Quebec. I’m a Prof at Ontario Tech University, I teach a bunch of stuff but my first love is trust (especially with computers). I can teach people about trust, business, privacy, Design Thinking and a few other things to do with security.

I read a lot (fantasy, SF, mystery, non-fiction), write random stuff, and am working on improving my sketchnoting. I use Explain Everything, LumaFusion, Tayasui Sketches Pro and Ulysses. I’m currently in the process of writing a book on Trust Systems, and I’ll publish it here, along with a bunch of associated material. I have another site at which has even more things on it.

This is not a regular thing. I won’t be posting every day. Possibly not every week. But sometimes.

Published by Steve

Partner, Dad, Prof, Writer

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